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Brain Bean CBD - Brain Bean

Brain Bean CBD

Brain Bean Entourage Blend (CBD Infused)

Brain Bean Entourage Blend takes your coffee to a whole new level. Each batch of our Entourage blend is carefully infused with whole spectrum hemp oil (250mg CBD and Terpenes in each 12 oz bag), after applying our “Smart Roasting Technology”.

This amazing combination enhances neurological support, whether you're relaxing over a weekend or getting ready for an important business meeting. The Entourage blend uses 100% USDA Organic whole beans, sourced from Fair Trade certified coffee farmers. Each cup is its own creation of rich aromatic notes along with the beautiful hint of Terpenes from full spectrum hemp oil. Research has demonstrated the amazing benefits of both coffee and CBD for brain health. Imagine waking up to the smell of the Entourage blend every morning, and activating your best self with your morning coffee! We created this amazing blend just for you! Never leave home without your Entourage! 

SMART ROASTING TECHNOLOGY: Brain Bean developed and perfected a proprietary technique for roasting its USDA Organic Fair Trade coffee. Each small batch is controlled, tested and retested to maintain the highest levels of polyphenols while giving you the most robust cup of coffee available. Taste the difference…we guarantee you will agree or you money back! 

Entourage Blend Difference
  • 250mg full spectrum CBD per 12 oz
  • USDA Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Smart Roasted
  • High concentration of Polyphenol/Terpenes
Healthy choice:
  • Supports MOOD, MIND & MEMORY


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