Brain Bean CBD - Brain Bean
Brain Bean CBD - Brain Bean

Brain Bean CBD

Brain Bean Entourage Blend (CBD Infused)

Brain Bean Entourage Blend starts off with the finest 100% Organic/non-GMO whole coffee beans, sourced from Fair Trade farmers around the globe. Each batch of our Brain Bean Entourage Blend is roasted using our proprietary “Smart Roasting” technology to preserve the health promoting polyphenols found in coffee beans that are destroyed using traditional roasting techniques. Every batch requires individualized, real-time quality management due to the unique characteristics inherent in our coffee beans. This ensures we are maximizing all the health promoting chemistry and superior taste profiles in every “Smart Roasted” batch. We then infuse 100% Oregon grown, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to achieve 250mg of CBD in every 12 oz bag along with the powerful entourage effect of Full Spectrum terpenes, Omega-3, Omega-6, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to give you, our customer, the most incredible cup of coffee you have ever had!

Treat yourself to the best cup of coffee on the planet!

   - Improved: MOOD, MIND, MEMORY
   - Restore balanced energy
   - Promote better inflammation and pain

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