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Brain Biotix™

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Brain Biotix is a comprehensive spore-based probiotic, prebiotic, and botanical formula designed to support and optimize your MOOD · MIND · MEMORY. Brain Biotix contains patented strains of proven spore-based probiotics with over 200% more spores per serving than other brands. Spore-based probiotics withstand heat and harsh acidic environments like your stomach acid. In addition, Brain-Biotix contains organic prebiotic fiber to encourage growth of healthy bacteria, and 100mg of ellagic acid (equivalent to 4 glasses of pomegranate juice without any of the sugar). Ellagic acid is converted to Urolithin A by your gut bacteria. Urolithin A has been shown to improve mitogenesis, (the growth of new mitochondria, of which your brain has one of the highest concentrations).*


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