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“Brain Bean is the culmination of my 30 year+ passion for improving brain health. Each product is science based and backed with years of use in my own clinic and clinics around the world.” —Dr. Michael Nelson, Physician and Founder/CEO of Brain Bean

Our Story

Our daily habits are what shape and sculpt our lives, including our MOOD·MIND·MEMORY . And there’s no better place to start than with Brain Bean coffee. Driven to improve people’s lives, founder and CEO Dr. Michael Nelson has created a powerful line of brain-boosting products designed to support your MOOD·MIND·MEMORY .

Brain Bean products are a unique blend of high-quality botanicals, vitamin/minerals, peptides, and, of course, coffees with the sole (soul) purpose of supporting and optimizing your MOOD·MIND·MEMORY

The entire Brain Bean line is designed to be used together or individually, so you can personalize your support to match your needs….Basically Genius!

Dr. Michael Nelson

Founder/Formulator and CEO Dr. Michael Nelson is a functional medicine practitioner, visionary, and seeker of truth dedicated to improving and optimizing your MOOD·MIND·MEMORY . With over three decades of clinical experience, Dr. Nelson has helped over 10,000 patients worldwide, including A-list celebrities, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians, elite athletes, and Olympians, reach their optimal health

Fueled by his depth of commitment and passion for his patients, Dr. Nelson has founded and created his own FDA registered, cGMP certified, USDA organic manufacturing facility in pristine Reno/Tahoe (elevation 4,600 at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains) in order to personally oversee all aspects of his product manufacturing.

 “By owning and operating my own manufacturing facility, I am able to ensure my products are of the highest quality. Additionally, I am able to establish high-potency formulations and sell directly to consumers, saving our customers money and delivering superior products.”-Dr. Michael Nelson, Founder/CEO 

Build your brain, better your life

Physician Formulas Backed by Science

Sugar, Dairy, and Gluten-Free Options

Pure and Potent Ingredients


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

"I liked the price for your product, whose stunning ingredients list is nothing short of a lineup of: “WALK-OFF—HOME RUN HITTERS!” The effects on my brain have been nothing but miraculous! If this first week of writing is any indication, I know I can finish writing my book in half the time!!!"

—Claude A.

"I love Brain Spark. I take this every morning right before I leave for the day and I have noticed a significant increase in my concentration and focus while at work. I do a lot of presentations and when I am not presenting I am sitting down which can cause my body to get achy. Brain Spark has helped tremendously in stopping muscle aches and helping me focus and concentrate. Just an awesome product. Two thumbs up! "

—Nathan K.

"I have been using health supplements for quite a while (20 years) and this is the first company I've seen that offers such amazing formulas in their products. You can't deny science and that's what I love about BrainBean. They are proven and WORK. If you are looking for real brain support supplements then I highly suggest giving Brain Bean a try. "

—Kathy H.

"I've been using Brain Omega for about 3 months now and I've definitely noticed a significant increase in my memory and alertness. Thank you Brain-Bean, as I get older I can use all the help I can get!"

—Ester B.

"If I could give this product 6-stars then I would. It’s like taking caffeine without the jitteriness. I stayed alert and focused for the remainder of the day. It gives a good feeling having ample amounts of energy. Similar products I’ve tried before gave energy but didn’t quite give the focus I needed to tackle any task unlike this supplement. I’m pleased with my results and I recommend it."

"I have been taking this product now for 5-6 months. I love it! I feel the difference in my skin, hair and nails. I feel better after having it - just a more solid feeling starting my day. I put it in my coffee each morning and look forward to it. It tastes great! I recommend this product with 5 stars!"

—Kristen S.