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Brain Bean Zen-Blend Coffee

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Formula Description

This New Zen-Blend Infused Coffee provides a calming start to your day!

Brain Bean Zen-Blend brings a whole new experience to your morning cup of coffee. Starting with our hand-selected USDA Organic, Fair Trade green coffee beans roasted to perfection in frequent small batches to preserve and maintain amazingly high levels of antioxidants including chlorogenic acid at over 2 times the level of commercially roasted coffees. Next, we infused our freshly roasted beans with our functional Zen Blend: C8 MCT oil, Sensoril Ashwagandha, A-GPC, and L-Theanine providing you over 430 mg per six-ounce cup!! This potent combination of infused organic coffee will get your day started off right while enjoying the smoothest cup of coffee you have ever experienced. Stay calm and carry on with Zen-Blend!

Organic Fair Trade Whole bean coffee infused with our Zen Blend ingredients:

  • C-8 MCT oil: For ketone production.

  • Sensoril: Patented ashwagandha-calm focus.

  • A-GPC: Acetyl-Choline precursor for laser focus and comprehension.

  • L-Theanine: Increases alpha wave brain activity for a calm Zen mind.

  • Over 430 mg: In each 6 oz cup… this changes everything!




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