Brain Body™ - Brain Bean
Brain Body™ - Brain Bean
Brain Body™ - Brain Bean
Brain Body™ - Brain Bean

Brain Body™


For skin elasticity, muscle strength, joint support and cellulite/body fat reduction.

Gluten free, Dairy free, Sugar free

Brain Body™ is a proprietary blend of bio-functional collagen peptides to support and improve structural integrity. The subject of vast clinical trials, these address issues of human health and disease.  Containing the exact dosage used in all clinical trials, your body will get what it needs. Our blend delivers over 22 grams of protein per serving, with NO SUGAR in an amazing natural vanilla blend to enhance your morning or afternoon. Not only will you see a difference in as little as 4 weeks (our Verisol peptide was shown to reduce fine wrinkles by 60% in 4 weeks and reduce cellulite by over 40% in 12 weeks) improve joint discomfort (our Fortigel peptide) and increase muscle mass (our Body Balance peptide) but also reduce your cravings and stabilize your MOOD, MIND and MEMORY.


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    Brain Body is the most advanced Bioactive blend of specific patented and patent-pending Collagen Peptides available today.  Our Advanced Biofunctional Collagen Peptide (ABCP) blend takes your coffee or tea to the next level. Unlike traditional hydrolized collagen powders, Brain Body ABCP blend is supported by both patented and patent-pending technologies.

    Research has shown very clearly that exercise is key to improving brain health and growing new neurons.  However, many people suffer from pain and disability, not allowing them to exercise.  In addition, as we age we begin to lose muscle mass furthering this spiral of disability.  Brain Body offers a powerful and effective solution. Providing proven peptides and the exact same levels used in clinical trials.  This product delivers over 22 grams of protein with NO SUGAR/SWEETENER to start your day... nothing like it has ever been available!  Using both patent pending and proprietary ingredients, this is the perfect answer for today's aging population, whether its looking better, feeling better, or simply curbing the ups and downs of your blood sugar.  Brain Body is the perfect way to begin every day!


    Brain Body has developed a proprietary blend of natural bioactive collagen peptides that are specifically tailored to body toning, sustaining mobility and improving skin. 

    Regenerates cartilage, promoting joint health and optimum mobility. 

    Improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles, decreases cellulite, improves nails. 

    Leans body mass, decreases body fat, maintains muscle and strength.