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The Brain Bean System

Your Toolkit for a Healthier Brain & Body

Physician formulated, proprietary blends of bio-functional collagen peptides to support and improve your body's structural integrity. This suite of products restores and keeps your mind, mood and memory functioning at optimal levels.

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Here at Brain Bean, we’re a passionate team of brain-health innovators on a mission to help feed your mind, improve your mood, and sharpen your memory. Our proprietary suite of painstakingly researched supplements is designed to protect your brain against age, stress, genetics, and dietary deficiency while giving you the clarity and vitality you need to get the most living out of life. It’s time to think BIGGER about your brain.

Ultra Pure Colostrum Ultra Alpha-GPC Ultra Iodine Complex Ultra Pure Astaxanthin Ultra NAC

Introducing Brain Basics

Single-ingredient Nutraceuticals!

Clinically relevant dosages to support your MOOD, MIND and MEMORY. Brain Basic products are just that: Basic and essential ingredients to support your MOOD, MIND and MEMORY. Provides a meaningful amount of the active, essential ingredient.

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Food for thought:

Astaxanthin: A bright idea for brain health

Natural astaxanthin reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, protects memory and cognitive function, improves eye health, and promotes firmer skin.

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Ashwagandha: An ancient adaptogen for the modern world

Ashwagandha is a powerful root adaptogen that has stood the test of time. Now, modern science has proven it does exactly what ancient sages have described it to do.

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Curcumin for your brain and body

Here is a closer look at what Curcumin can do for your MOOD, MIND and MEMORY.

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Stimulate NEUROGENESIS Growth

Brain Bean products address the root cause of chronic conditions through bleeding edge, scientific advancements. Read this case study on Multiple Sclerosis and learn how it helps inflammation, depression, anxiety, memory loss and PTSD!

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