Brain Bean - Formulations Based on Peer-Reviewed Research

Genius Formulas are powerful, potent, physician formulations designed to improve your MOOD, MIND and MEMORY. Each formulation uses proven ingredients of the highest potency and purity to achieve superior results you will notice. Genius formulations are designed to be used daily to support your MOOD, MIND and MEMORY. Genius Formulas use the principles of synergy to bring forth the desired effect. Synergy is more than a buzzword, It describes the process in which individual ingredients work together to bring about a greater more profound effect than when used independently. It’s what makes our Genius formulas so effective. 

Each Genius Formulas orchestrates and targets a precise physiologic response to enhance your MOOD, MIND and MEMORY. Combine our Genius formulations with our Brain Basic’s line, mix and match to personalized and optimize your brain.