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Methyl B-12 Plus Lozenge

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Formula Description

Get the superior nutrition your brain needs with our fast-acting bioavailable fully activated Methyl-B12 Plus lozenges. Each natural tangy orange flavored tablet is packed full of the most bioavailable forms of B12, Folate (5-MTHF) and P5P (B6) to rapidly support your MOODMINDMEMORY

Featured ingredients:

  • B-12 (as Methylcobalamin)-1000mcg

  • Folate ( as L-5-MTHF)-680 mcg 

  • B-6 (as P5P)-1.5mg

Research has shown the maintaining a high serum levels of these essential B vitamins is inversely associated with metabolic syndrome, a leading cause of dementia.  In addition these B complex vitamins are essential for the metabolism and processing of Homocysteine.  Elevated homocysteine is associated with cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative conditions.  B12,Folate and B-6 allow for homocysteine to be metabolized completely supporting a healthy and optimal level.  

In addition B12, Folate, and B-6 support and optimize the formation and production of our red blood cells that carry the oxygen to every cell in our body including our brain.  Deficiency in any one of these essential nutrients can lead to anemia.  

Our diets, lifestyle and genetic predispositions require that we manage and maintain optimal levels of B12, Folate and B-6.  Many of us require much more than we are currently getting.  Use Methyl B12 plus daily to ensure your receiving the optimal levels for your MOODMINDMEMORY

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