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Astaxanthin: A bright idea for brain health

Astaxanthin: A bright idea for brain health

If you’ve never heard if astaxanthin, you’ve probably seen it. This carotenoid is so bright that it was first used as a dye in the U.S. And in nature, it gives salmon, shrimp and flamingoes their vivid red and pink hues.

Astaxanthin is a brain health powerhouse too. Natural astaxanthin reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, protects memory and cognitive function, improves eye health, and promotes firmer skin. The bright red color plays a key role in eye health, helping to absorb and counteract the huge amounts of blue light from screens and fluorescent bulbs we encounter in daily modern life.

Not created equal

There are several methods of producing astaxanthin, leading to disparities in quality. The very cheapest synthetic astaxanthin is essentially red food coloring, with little to no nutritional benefit—and unknown side effects. That’s why sourcing is the first and most important factor in seeing results for your MOOD · MIND · MEMORY.

Studies have shown that natural astaxanthin extracted from microalgae has 20 to 90 (!) times more antioxidant benefit than artificial astaxanthin made from yeast or petrochemicals. They’re functionally different molecules, despite being marketed as “nature identical.”

The AstaZine astaxanthin in our Brain Basic Ultra Pure Astaxanthin formula comes from one of the largest and most reliable suppliers in the world. Their Haematococcus pluvialisis microalgae grows in full sunlight and temperate conditions, encased in pristine glass tubes. It’s a well-tested, environmentally friendly process and a consistently potent product.

Consistency is essential for seeing the benefits of astaxanthin—or any supplement. You’ve got to know what you’re taking, and how much of it, in every single dose. It’s cost-effective too.

Adding astaxanthin to your routine

You don’t need much astaxanthin to start fighting oxidative stress and protecting your brain function. Each Ultra Pure Astaxanthin softgel contains 12mg of natural astaxanthin from microalgae—just one a day will put you on your way to a better MOOD · MIND · MEMORY and full-body support.

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