Researchers warned us that individuals who are deficient in the critical micronutrient Selenium are much more susceptible to viral infections such as SARS another coronavirus along with H1N1, HIV/AIDs, EBOLA and hemorrhagic fevers. Turns out that when the host is infected with a RNA virus like coronavirus, if they are deficient in Selenium the virus rapidly mutates and becomes much more virulent.  In fact it well known that numerous viral diseases such as SARS originated from China lowlands (Wuhan is located in the Lowlands of China where the COVID 19 virus came from) where the soil is notoriously low in selenium content. This results in rapid mutations of viruses that can jump species, thereby moving from animals to humans. Selenium plays a crucial role in critical immune reactions that contain and destroy viral infections before they spread. Case in point is Keshan Disease  that was first identified in the lowlands of China in 1979 and was directly related to selenium deficiency and Coxsackie viral infections.    Many believe that this area is prime for viral further pandemics due to the Selenium deficiency that still pervades the people, soil and livestock.  

Brain Bean is pleased to release a powerful and useful immune support nutraceutical that features the most bioavailable form of selenium: Ultra Pure Selenomethionine: 200mcg per capsule.  For immune support we recommend you take 1 capsule twice per day.   

Click here for research article on selenium and viral infections.

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